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Building Bridges Improv Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

Nick joins David and Jennifer on a bridge to discuss chicken suits, his favorite sandwich, and how he's involved in so much improv.

Nick is an Actor, Improvisor, Director and Writer. On TV Nick has been on the Emmy-Award winning shows The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. He has also made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live,...

Aug 18, 2021

Josh joins Jennifer and David on a bridge to discuss Rise Comedy, doing improv in Cali and Denver, and what makes his improv brain tick.

Josh is serving as the Artistic Director of Rise Comedy in Denver. Josh served as the Training Center Director for M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater. He is a founder and former...

Aug 11, 2021

Nancy joins Jennifer and David on a bridge to discuss her improv/stand up background, Louis Anthony Russo, and why she prefers doing cleaner comedy.

“Dr. Nancy” Yeamans is a fun combination of Psychologist, comic and cartoon book author. Dr. Nancy believes that “when you’re laughing, you’re living.“ She...

Aug 4, 2021

Joey joins Jennifer and David on a bridge to discuss his improv influences, show polish, and talk about his upcoming weekend with us.

Joey Shope is an improviser with over 14 years experience performing and 6 years experience coaching and teaching. Joey has taken and taught classes all over Orange County and Los...